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Watch the man behind him @ 1:20, a guy in background is trying not to laugh at this guy's voice. I could tell!! ROFL! Also can you tell the host is trying to hold back too, he looked too like he was gonna laugh. Good thing i know about Body Language studies! lol.

Also can anyone tell me what this video was really about? Seems something about how inappropriate this guy was doing as a host of the show laughing at him? I wonder what this show was all about? Can anyone translate? Anyhow see how much rage mw3 fans commented on youtube? Gotta love it.

EDIT: Turns out the original video was actually not a real host tv talk show. It was a comedy skit for some comedy channel. Well that's debunked
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I just found the actual translate for this video. It's a comedy sketch by a tv show in Belgian tv show.

here is it translated =

the host says "how does it feel to have ur crown jewels removed,and what happened".The guys says" well at first i noticed my voice had change".The host begins to laughs.The guy says "its not funny try talking on a phone with this voice".The host laughs again and say sorry.He then asks "how does it affect your sex life?"His wife says "well I can't fondle his testicles anymore".The host laughs uncontrollably,the guy then finally says "well how would a dog feel if it wasnt able to lick its balls."
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