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Lol okay so I guess I'm going to get... either a 6970 or 570 tongue.gif whichever has the best deal when I go to actually buy components
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One person reasonable is another persons over the top. Do you have a budget? That woudl help us come up with appropriate sugestions. Also can you fill out your system info so we know what your rig is capable of.

Until then I will say 2x6950. Its a powerhouse without being too expensive.
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Originally Posted by dont-have-a-cow;15351444 
So you think a GTX 570 or 6970?

Which of these two is better?

Depends on whats important to you.

THe gigabyte is a dual slot, so will be better if you plan to SLI two of them later. THe triple fan cooler is similar to my 6950 and is pretty decent and quiet. Negative is that its an open style of cooler so it spills hot air into the case.

The Asus has a closed style of cooler and will dump out the back. has voltage control so may be able to overclock a little more.

Negatives is that its a triple slot and if you SLI them you mobo would need two slots between each and even then they would be right up against each other so cooling may be an issue.
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Hmmmm a single 570 or 6970 is pushing the limits of my budget, 6950 crossfire is a bit much...

I haven't filled out my specs yet because I don't actually have the pc yet tongue.gif just picking parts for the moment
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A 560ti or a 6950 should be well within your budget, if you go lower I wouldn't go with a 6870 because of scaling. A 570 or a 6970 are your best bets though. Any of those four should do fine, but, you may need to lower your settings down from ultra to just high.
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