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2500k 10c degree difference under load - Page 2

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Originally Posted by Xristo View Post
not normal , in my opinion .. others seem to think so

That sounds to me like a bad seat , paste didnt even out correctly .

My temps are 1-2c apart , even on 100% load .

i would reseat the heatsink and use better thermal compound , it can be tricky getting a good seat but you will get it if you keep trying .
The people that say it is normal have 2500k's just like the OP though.
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Totally normal dude
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Thanks for all the quick replies, you guys rock! I'm feeling better now.

Originally Posted by JedixJarf View Post
Did you evenly tighten each screw on the HS to evenly distribute the paste?
I did. I wasn't anal-retentive about it, however, but I did do about 1 full rotation per side until both screws stopped.

Originally Posted by Mhill2029 View Post
Normal, you could reseat the CPU and re-apply the TIM to get the temps closer together.
You mean take the CPU out and plop it back in? I never thought that could be a problem, if/when I take the cooler off again, I'll give that a try.

One last question...hopefully. So is 70c+ normal for this overclock using the D14 + IntelBurnTest? Also, I get about 66c MAX on Prime95. I still feel it's higher than it's supposed to be, but what I do I know
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