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Ya, I think that was just an Antec fanboy throwing in some useless input. kookoo.gif

Here's another option I found. It's not huge deal, but it has a lockable front door for those of you who have little ones running around.

there are some 'old school' options:

Lian Li V2100 (also V2000)
Lian Li PC-201

all the above have:

E-ATX mobo compat
12 HDDs
7 ODDs
dual PSU

the V2100 & PC-201 have lockable front doors
all three mentioned are 100% Alu

the only way to find these, is second hand - so they would certainly fit your budget thumb.gif

I would highly recommend proper, quality poly-urethane(?) castors/wheels - makes moving soooo much easier! smile.gif

I have the V2000 case for my file server & I have made a small mod to it so that I can now mount 24 HDDs cool.gif