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e9/e7 issue over usb

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I just got my e7 to use as a dac while docked with my e9. I only get audio out of the right channel, no left.

After a while of searching the only "solution" that I found was this:
Solved it, E7 working perfectly now. It is probably fair to describe what I did, so here it is:

1. Installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 x64 into VMWare player using my DVD (without activation).

2. Connected E7 to VMWare version of Windows 7 and it installed without problems.

3. Downloaded DoubleDriver freeware software that allows to backup and restore drivers.

4. Ran DoubleDriver in Windows 7/VMWare and backed up 3 drivers: USB Composite Device, USB Audio Device and USB Input Device.

5. Shut down Windows 7/VMWare.

6. Ran DoubleDriver on my Windows 7 and restored DoubleDriver backup. 2 drivers restored without problems, one didn't restore.

7. Connected E7 to my Windows 7. It installed with usual error: Code 28 driver not found, device USB Audio DAC.

8. Opened USB Audio DAC properties, selected Update driver and then Browse my computer.... Navigated to unpacked DoubleDriver backup. Windows then installed all the drivers automatically and then demanded restart.

9. Restarted the computer.

Result: Fiio E7 works perfectly! DoubleDriver saved me a day or two of Windows reinstallation so a donation is certainly in place

Anyone else run into this problem?

Not sure if this is a driver issue, but if someone with this setup could upload their driver in case it may be different?

Searched the fiio website too with no luck.
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Ended up sending the e7 back and should have a replacement tomorrow.
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