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Originally Posted by 7ranslucen7 View Post
Game is great if you enjoy coop/TD games. My only issue right now is the connection loss and crash problems a bunch of people are getting.
Yeah same, I even lost my character when I crashed once.
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Originally Posted by ronnin426850 View Post
Probably the most worthless post ever

I said I think this game is childish, as you can re-read, without having to ask.
Yeah, I think cartoony little people making shimmering magical spells in a colorful toony world is childish. Childish means something that little children do/like, but which seems silly, often girly or namby-pamby to adults.
Example of childish game: Fate http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-yq3YYtCpax...fate_title.jpg
Example of a non-childish game of the same genre: Diablo 3 http://cghub.com/files/BlogPost/51/583_large.jpg

There is a MyLittlePony Friendship is Magic club here. Just saying...

I don't say the game is bad or stupid, don't get me wrong. Just childish
If making games colorful again means gaming is childish, then I'm five. It's nice to see color when you're surrounded by green/brown/grey "realistic" shooting games.
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