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From the three shops you linked these are the units I suggest you pick from(all excellent units, all offering solid value compared to most everything else listed).

Thermaltake Toughpower XT 575 @ 4500 php, excellent unit(CWT DSG inside, same as the HX750/850) at a very good price, will do Silver @ 230v, modular too.

Seasonic X560 @ 5400 php, one of the best platform currently on the market, will do Platinum @ 230v, fully modular and semi-fanless.

Aerocool Strike-X 800w @ 5250 php, best thing to come out of Andyson in a long time, pick it only if you intend to go for dual graphic card configurations otherwise is overkill, will do Gold @ 230v, also modular.
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Those 3 look good tho i'm leaning on the seasonic stuff. I'll look into the x-series models.
The strike-x has nice specs but i'm not to keen on the design.

Thank you for the help guys especially Unoriginal Sin. +rep
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