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Heya Overclockers!

Long time lurker, first time poster (*hears the proverbial cherry pop*)
Note: For the TLDR's scroll down, question at the bottom.

I have to preface my inquiry with a HUGE thanks to everyone posting on this site. You guys helped my select components for my first PC gaming build (which rocks btw!)

I just recently bought some Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro's (80 Ohm) and paired it with the Xonar DG. Let me first say that this sound setup is EXTREMELY better than my onboard sound + iharmonix platinum ev's. No contest really, can't even compare the 2 solutions. I went this route specifically for PC gaming, most notably for the upcoming BF3 release. Dice's sound is just amazing imo.

However. Since I have moved away from a powered 5.1 speaker setup to headphones, I have lost the ability to adjust volume on the fly whilst in game. (I connect those beastly cans directly into the sound card).
Sometimes I like to crank it up, sometimes I like to turn it down. I can't do that now while in game. For some reason the Battlefield series just HATES it when I try to alt+tab out of the game to mess with the GUI of the Xonar DG.

My question is this:
Is there a piece of hardware (i.e. in-line volume adjust, or headphone amp or similar) that will allow me to adjust volume 'on the fly' as opposed to trying to alt + tab out and fumble around with the correct gain setting that I want for the moment? All the while NOT losing any fidelity / details / the use of the built-in headphone amp?

If this has been asked before I apologize. I've spent almost 4 hours in google search / this site / head-fi etc. and could not find anyone else asking anything similar. This is my first sound card and quality headphone combo, and I'm really new to all things 'sound'. Any help is much appreciated!

Thanks much for reading!