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i manage to get the card stable @ 1.29 votls and 990mhz core. Is this safe?, temps where around 74/77 max in BBC2, Crysis 2.

That is fine but I will be more comfortable with the maximum load temperature in the range of 65-70c. In my experience higher temperature especially while gaming for hours will cause stability issues too. Yes I know the cards are designed to throttle when temperature hits 100c, but it doesn't mean I have to put it there. Keep the temperature in the comfort zone and the card will perform many years of enjoyable experience smile.gif

Off topic;

I have been lurking this forums for months and have seen users blaming AMD and Nvidia cards and drivers for the problems they are having. Well, I can't blame them, they just don't have time to understand the hardware they are using or just take the easy way out blaming the hardware and drivers.

You are on the right path by asking what is the limitation and what not. Have funs smile.gif