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Gateway MD2614U, Temp is through the roof.

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Maybe I didn't use enough thermal compound or something's seriously up with this notebook. As stated before the machine it is a Gateway MD2614U with a AMD Turion X2. I bought it back in 2009 and I'm barely giving a re-paste. Back then I had no clue about computer repair in general so that's why It's taken like 3 years.

Anyway I replaced the stock compound the other night. It had dried up pretty good so a replacement was due. The new compound I used was Arctic Silver 5 from Radioshack. I've used it on other machines in the house and so far they've all responded well. I have recorded lower temps on all those machines.

Unfortunately though this computer has been having several problems after the re-paste. I noticed the temp had spiked considerably to the point where the heat could be felt all over the computer. It was so hard to type because the keyboard was too hot. I gotta tell you the temp was not like this before the re-paste. It was warm before, now the entire computer heats up.

I immediately knew something was not right. Today however I found the fan making a loud grinding noise and the computer was tremendously hot. I now have the CPU sitting on my desk. I feel that somewhere along the line I messed up the re-paste. I just don't know where.

The fan is working normally now after I unplugged it from the mobo and plugged it back in. The last odd thing to report is that after the re-paste, I can hear a faint electrical buzz coming from the CPU while the computer is running. Wasn't there before.

I gotta admit this Gateway MD2614U isn't the best work computer. But the AMD and ATI Graphics make games play pretty sharp.
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Everything you describe makes it sound like the fan is at fault, not the TIM. Why do you think the buzz is coming from the cpu and not the fan?
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