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Gtx 285

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I have a pair of these in Sli.

I noticed the other day that one reads a bios of and the other is

What should I be concerned about with this setup? Should I put the card with the higher bios in first or second position? Does it make a difference. I got the 58.00.80 from here, and the 45.00.80 is the original that I bought a few years ago. I dont want to flash it as of yet, because i dont want to run the risk of messing with my warranty.

I even have a water block for it sitting on my desk, but am so paranoid abuot losing my warranty that I cant bring myself to install it. Im not worried about doing it incorrectly, just getting blamed for something if it comes down to a warranty claim.

Any thoughts?
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leave your bios alone unless you have a purpose for flashing it. there is no need to get ocd and flash your gpu just so they match.
what slot you have what card with what bios in has nothing to do with anything.
contact your gpu manuf. and make sure you are allowed to install after market coolers. if they tell you no, either ask them to do it for you or try and return it. and make sure to look into this kind of thing before your next gpu purchase.

hope this helps.
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It gives more peace of mind. Thank you.

As far as the water block, they are both EVGA cards. I just check their website and I read that it is ok to install a 3rd party cooling solution as long as the original heat sink is reinstalled prior to any RMA's. Has anyone had any issues with this statement?
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