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[HELP] Killer M1 Not Working on Windows 7

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Im trying to install a Killer M1 card on a Windows 7 64bit system with an Asus P8Z68-V Pro motherboard.

I have downloaded the latest drivers from their website, but every time Ive tried to install it runs through the installation process no problem but then when I click "Restart Now" the computer holds on the "Shutting Down" screen for about 10 minutes until it finally restarts and then it says "Windows Shutdown Unexpectedly" and the KillerTray.exe has stopped working.

Under device manager it appears the card has been installed and recognised properly but when I look under network connections it says "No cable connected" even though I have double checked it is and even the green light on the back of the card is glowing to show it. Currently I cannot connect to the internet at all.

Ive tried reinstalling in Safe Mode but it blue screens half way through saying "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION". Ive also tried a different PCI slot and still no luck. It worked fine in my old Win7 64bit machine so I know it can work!

Ive contacted their support for help but thought Id ask here too in case anyone has experienced similar problems.

Thanks, Ben.
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Completely remove what you've installed, download the driver installer again (to make sure you've got a good copy, the last one could have corrupted), and right click the installer and select run as admin.

That's what I would try.
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Thanks for the reply, but unfortuately that didnt help.

Its seems to have trouble flashing the card. Everytime I try to configure it says "your Firmware is not up to date" so I click update then it says "Initializising Flash" but then nothing happens after that!

I thought maybe the card had completely died, but I just tried it in my older machine with Win 7 64bit and worked fine. Very odd!
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