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Overclocking ASROCK P67 Transformer

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Hi all.
I have an asus P67 transformer motherboard, and im trying to overclock my I5 760 to 4Ghz, I can run it fine at 4ghz with voltage at 1.375v, and VCH and VTT voltages slightly increased but I have to set my RAM to 1200Mhz for it to be stable in prime 95, If its set to 1600Mhz it crashes the workloads. RAM is corsair XMS 3 4x 2gb sticks.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Woah, that's crazy, I hadn't heard about that motherboard. At first I was like what? p67 and a Lynnfield CPU? Interesting.

I found overclocking my old i5 760 a pain using 4 dimm slots. If I remember correctly I was able to get 4.0ghz stable, but I had to up the VTT quite a bit, to maybe 1.25v, or 1.35v, I can't remember. I took 2 ram sticks out of that rig just because it require so much extra voltage to get 4.0ghz stable.

With Lynnfield the IMC in in the CPU, so the extra 2 RAM sticks puts added stress on the IMC. I would try getting 4.0ghz stable just using 2gb of RAM, you may be able to lower your core voltage, 1.375v seems a bit high for 4.0ghz, although every CPU is different. Once you have that stable, you can try adding the extra RAM back into the equation, and just bump VTT until you are stable. I had my ram running at 1600mhz when I was done, I think I set my MCH Strap to 1600 too, but I'm not sure if that made a difference.
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Ill give it a try doing the 2gb of ram method, its hard to follow other guides on the web because its all P55 and i5 760, theres none for a p67 chipset so im doing the old trial and error approach
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