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In game called Vindictus have less than 20 fps in town on any details lowest-highest-maxed it doesn't matter i can't get more than 30 fps.

I maxing crysis 1 and 2, bad company 2, battlefield 3 on ultra - stable 30-60 fps (Metro)
What the hell is with Vindictus.

My specs:

athlon x4 645
radeon 6850
4gb ram ddr2
win 7 64bit

I also have problem with Stalker Call of Prypet with Complete mod my comp should handle it on max and dx11 (except tesstelation because it's useless and cut fps to half) i have stable fps on max but if look at boat my fps is goes to 20-24 max

i using newest(?) ccc drivers 11.9

Wersja pakietu sterowników 8.892.3-111003a-126338E-ATI
Wersja programu Catalyst 11.9
Dostawca ATI Technologies Inc.
Wersja sterownika 2D
?cie?ka pliku sterownika 2D /REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/CLASS/{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}/0000
Wersja Direct3D
OpenGL – wersja
Wersja programu AMD VISION Engine Control Center 2011.1003.1201.19668
Wersja sterownika d?wi?ku AMD CPU-z and CCC screen

What resolution?


What are your 3d settings in CCC?

Default + sync off unless game turn it on

What core and northbridge frequency is the Athlon II running at?

3.1 now i clocked it to 3.4 on 1.4V

What speed and timings is your DDR2 running at?

800mhz should i lower it?

What frequency is your HD 6850 core and memory running at?

not OC so 790mhz/1000mhz 50% cooler

What power supply?

ocz stealthxstream 500w

What motherboard?

asrock n68-s ucc

I made some screenshots cause i have problem.

Could you say step by step which one shoud i change.

I noticed radeon drivers are unstable after cpu overclock even without oc'ing graphic card.

For example i played few hours stalker (with night lags spikes) and after that i wanted play fresh installed red faction armageddon and game crashed and drivers also after 30 secords from tutorial. And after another tries to run red faction drivers crashing every time and also windows.
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