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Corsair TX650M is Buzzing

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I purchased the new modular Corsair TX650M four weeks ago, and starting yesterday it has begun making a buzzing/ringing noise. It goes up and down in volume, but is audible from up to 20 feet away.

Here's the unit:


What contributes to these noises? I'm thinking about submitting an RMA, but it'll be extremely painful not having a computer during the entire process since Corsair doesn't do cross shipping, and I work on my PC.

I'm really really disappointed, and this is my first Corsair PSU too. I've had Antec, and Cooler Master units that never made noise after years of use. I am particularly surprised because Corsair have good ratings, and this unit costed me an arm and a leg. What should I do?
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Of course Corsair does cross shipping. Unless they've changed policy recently.
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I have the Antec TP-650. I was experiencing buzzing with THREE RMA'd units. I decided to keep it even with the buzzing.. It's been 7 months with no issues other than the sound.
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