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According to MSI's Live Update program (not the best-made program but it can usually tell me when I need to update).

It insists that my AMD chipset drivers are at version and that the online version MSI has is 8.881.0.0.

I downloaded the file through both Live Update (nice change since it usually fails at downloads) and directly from MSI's website.
Both are ATI Catalyst programs (which I find an amazingly pedantic program--all it lets me do is modify power options). But when installing that I get the Catalyst Install Manager, which, when run, does not display any available chipset driver updates. It also doesn't display any chipset drivers when looking for programs to remove either though, so I'm not sure I'm even using the right program. thinking.gif But it's the only feasible download from MSI and it's what the Live Update downloads as well, so I don't know what else to do.