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Ive been doing my usual windows shopping with a future intent of changing into an Intel build. (Reason: Bulldozer >_>). I decided to go looking for a good SLI motherboard on Amazon(FSSS/ I live in Hawaii) that are strictly:
  1. Plain Black PCB's or matches my Red and Black theme
  2. Affordable(Below $200)
  3. 2x PCIx16; x16 when Crossfired or SLI'd

Results: GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD4 LGA 1155

Reading the comments I found a review from a person:

AVOID pairing this motherboard with an Nvidia 400 series graphics card if you can. These motherboards do not play nice with 400 series cards and this is a known issue amongst the Nvidia community (if you spend time reading reviews, you will notice lots of negative reviews complaining about issues booting or boot loops after several weeks of use that is most likely due to this issue). While there may be particular cards/manufacturers that won't cause you any issues with this board, it is probably a safer bet to just avoid them and go for a 500.
Shocking part, I have two GTX 460's that I would love to run on this motherboard.

Can anyone confirm this? Do 4xx series run badly on this motherboard?