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Adding an intake fan to a SSF cube case

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Hi everyone,

I'm quite new to this forum since it's my first post, but I already found countless answers here thanks to your great activity and google redirecting me here

This time though, I'd need some help for something which haven't been answered yet.

I own an Advance A-Cube (link) and its cooling isn't the best. Mostly because there are only slots for a 120mm exhaust and a 80mm intake fan, the intake being greatly restricted and its airflow not being high enough.

As there are no holes or mesh whatsoever, I began thinking that case needed some modding in order to let the fresh winter air come in. My manual skills being highly limited, I won't try drilling holes myself into the case. But I came with something probably worth the thinking.

Here it is :

So I would open the upper pannel a little and remove the 5.25" bay cache (in plain red) to allow the air in, and place an intake 120mm fan (in red).
Now I don't know if these openings are enough for the fan I want to buy, probably a Noiseblocker MF-S2 or a Scythe GT-14, or even higher RPM versions (up to 2000rpm) as I plan to run a crossfire setup soon.

Could someone tell me if my idea would work in practice? I haven't ordered any fan yet because I can't decide wether they would run optimally or not.

Thanks in advance and sorry for any english mistakes I could have made.
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After looking at that case across the web (and not finding a single review either), I'm amazed it came to market with such bad cooling.

Yes, you can mount a 120mm fan in there. I'd use suspended mounting (rubber bands), and get a vented 5.25" bay cover.

Or... you could replace the case with a better one... lol
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Thanks for answering. The vented 5.25" bay is a pretty cool idea, I'll buy one.
As for the exhaust fan, I did replace it... with an Enermax Everest, maybe even worse than the default fan in terms of air flow, but definitely silent and good-looking.

I also had a Nexus Real Silent laying around, so I put it in the suggested place on my picture. But it's a sleeve bearing and I read so many negative feed-back about sleeve fans mounted horizontally.

After some research, I found out I could only be 100% safe with magnetic bearings. That means GELID and Enermax Twister-series fans. Phobya fans, Gentle Typhoons and the pretty powerful CM Excalibur also look pretty safe.
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