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955 BE system  

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Long story short, my friend is stuck in his country of origin and the renewal of his school Visa has been denied. Unfortunately he left his rig in the U.S. and doesn't want to deal with the wait and expenditures of shipping it back home. Here's what <we> can remember of it based off of memory (I'm 1500 miles away from this rig and he's about 4000 miles away):

955 BE (the last stepping, B3, was it?)
Asrock 880G Pro 3
G. Skill Ripjaws 8 gig (2x4) @ 1600, couldn't tell you the timings
Corsair TX750, version 1
Sapphire 5870, pretty sure it was the 1GB version
CM Sniper case
ASUS 23.6" LED LCD 1920x1080 (same model as the one in my specs)

Priced as a whole, with the monitor? I suspect he'd get more parting it out but that would mean he'd have to ship it to me, and then I'd have to part it out and that would take some time.
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955 BE $75
Asrock 880G Pro 3 $70
G. Skill Ripjaws 8 gig $30
Corsair TX750 $65
Sapphire 5870 $150
CM Sniper case $70
ASUS 23.6" LED LCD$110

As a whole about $450
These prices are estimates, whether you want to add more for shipping is up to you
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TX750 would be more like $70-75 I think otherwise I agree with ryanbob
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Thanks guys. Repped.
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