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Hey guys
I recently sold my old LG W2452V and upgraded to this monitor but I'm having problems finding the best color settings.
I've tried these settings so far
1)Standard mode
Brightness: 30%
Contrast: 60%
Color temp : Normal

2)Theater mode
Brightness 30%
Contrast 90%
Stu ration 50%
Color temp: normal
Skin tone: Natural
Trace free: 40

I just lowered the brightness to 50% and didn't change anything else

Still,after playing with the settings/colors it seems I can't find the best ones.The standard mode doesn't hurt my eyes much but it colors look kinda washed out;on the other hand the Theater mode has better and more live colours but it's kinda dark(especially in games/night scenes) and also it hurts my eyes more.And finally the game mode is just too bright.I also tested sRGB and well it looks OK.

Anyway,just wanted to try settings from other users to see if I finally can find a decent combination or not.

Thanks smile.gif