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Having issues with my setup.

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So, I have the following hardware:


I recently got a new sound card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro Series. Latest drivers installed.
Also, a new headset: Turtle Beach DPX21 (Ear Force DSS Controller + PX21 headphones).

I have issues configuring the settings. Goal: Enjoy Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

If I don't use the DSS, and plug the heaphones' 3.5mm jack into the Line1 jack on the sound card and the USB into the motherboard, I have to use the "Speakers (Turtle Beach USB Headset)" as my default audio playback device, otherwise I can't hear any sound. For example, if I play a video on YouTube, or play music on Winamp, the Control Panel's Sound window shows the "Creative SB X-Fi" device playing sound, but I can't hear anything in the headphones. Likewise, if I open the Creative Console Launcher and play the Channel & Noise test, I don't hear anything. If I go to the Options, on the Encoder tab Dolby Digital can be enabled but it can only choose S/PDIF as output, 3.5mm isn't an option.

If I do use the DSS, and plug the headphones' 3.5mm jack and the USB cord in to the DSS, and then plug the DSS' USB corde into the motherboard and the S/PDIF (optical) cable into the output port on the sound card, I have to use the "S/PDIF Out (Creative SB X-Fi" device as my default playback device to hear sound. Everything seems to work dandy, as the DSS uses the Dolby Pro Logic IIx mode in this set-up. However, if I now go to the Creative Console Launcher, into Options and the Encoder tab, I can't enable Dolby Digital Live mode. Trying to enable Dolby Digital prompts me that the device is busy (currently being used). Thus, the only mode I can use with the DSS is Dolby Pro Logic IIx.

What settings should I use? Perhaps it's worth the hassle to return the DPX21 because it's not fully compatible with the sound card? The DSS has support for Dolby Digital but the sound card can't enable Dolby Digital when the DSS is plugged in.
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i had an issue like this yesterday... download the Beta drivers. it worked for me. i dont know how your card works, but with the THD i have to go into the sound device manager and select either speakers (my headphones) or opt out (spdif reciever). i wasnt getting sound out of the speakers device. i downloaded beta drivers and its all dandy including the DTS packages
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