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Both are great. Origin KILLS steam in download speed any day of the week.
This is not a constant for all people. Download speeds vary depending on your location and what game you are downloading - same as Steam! So you may be getting high speeds, where as someone else may be getting slower speeds. So the fact download speed is fast for you is an irrelevant point.

There are a couple of features on Steam that you can't find on Origin. The features which I take for most granted, and I'm sure millions of others do too is Gifting games and being able to join a friends game directly from friends list. These are 2 things missing in Origin which you can find on Steam, that I find extremely useful.
There are also other unique features on Steam, that I personally don't use as much but I'm sure many others do. Features like Steamworks, taking ingame screenshots with one key press, etc...

One thing that bugs me, is quite a few people say Steam has had more time on the 'scene' so it is more polished.. Origin is new.

Personally I believe that is no excuse. It's the equivalent of having 2 'AAA' games releasing. Game A looking like this:

and Game B looking like this:

Developers of Game B reply, "Oh please buy us, we know we're not as advanced in features as Game A but IN TIME!!!"... Why get Game B in hope that it will get better, when Game A is already available to you?

You don't bring out a service when even from its release there are other services that beat you in features. Normally in business, you bring out a service/product that does all of what current services do and may be a little extra! I just wish Origin released as a more polished client.
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