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Worth it to upgrade motherboard?

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Hello currently I have Biostar TZ68a+ and I really like it but the thing is it only supports x4 max bus capacity in crossfire with one 2.0 x16 slot and 2.0 x4. My question is.. would it be worth it to upgrade to a motherboard that has a maximum of x8 or not so much? I'm also considering just getting a single GTX 580.. A lot of games I experience some stuttering like in Battlefield 3, Deus Ex HR, and Space Marine. But in other games like Witcher 2, Crysis 2, and others it plays very smooth with Witcher 2 on Ultra with a couple things disabled and Crysis 2 with High Res Texture pack on Very High settings. My current setup below:

i5 2500k @ 4.3GHZ Turbo
Mushkin Dual Channel 8GB 1600
650w modular power supply XFX
6850's in crossfire
Samsung 1TB 7200 RPM HDD
Playing at 1080p
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You should get an increase in fps but not much. Expect 5-10 fps at most.
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It could be your radeon 6850 only has 1gb of memory and the stutter problem you experience in BF3 were caused by lack of video memory. If you can go to a local store with 100% refund policy, then get a 2gb 6950 to see if the stutter is gone. Crossfire 2x 1gb 6850 does not equal to 2gb total vram.
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Hmm, alright then I think I'll save my money then. And well, AMD released a cap 4 profile for 11.9 and its playing a lot better but still getting some stuttering issues. Hopefully 11.10 will fix it.. If I turn off CrossfireX there is virtually no more stuttering but of course not as smooth fps.
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