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I can't seem to get a stable OC.


Phenom II 1090T

8gb of DDR3 OCZ 1600/2000 Ram (7-7-7-24 timings), voltage recommended for 1.7 at 1600 and 1.9 for 2000

I've tried cpu voltage at 1.45
fsb at 220
CPU/NB and HTT at 1980

Multiplier set to 17, 18 turbo

CPU/NB voltage at 1.4
VDD at 2.5
NB at 1.4

I have an All in One Water cool heatsink

Which I am dissapointed with, but I modded it by overvolting some 90MM fans onto either side of the heatsink, my temps would sometimes get to 68Cº under load with cinebench (so I was hoping to mess with cool n quiet oc'ng).

I also have an after market sb fan and nb fan (sb is just a heatsink with a fan from a cheap k6 heatsink), and the nb is a copper tower with a fan on it. Those temps are never an issue.

This was stable for a bit, at 3.74Ghz stock, 3.96 on Turbo, got a great geekbench score (9000+) and a small improvement with cinebench, 6.54

Yet, it would reset my PC in the long run.

I've even tested with voltage as high as 1.55, but the temps on idle are 61ºC so I dropped that idea, and it didn't necessarily improve stability.