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I like how people discuss fragmentation (arguing both ways) while upgrading to a new phone every generation. Can you stop changing your phone for just one moment and think about what you're doing?
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Originally Posted by SohcSTI View Post
Right, but I don't see the issue in only offering updates through the contract period.

The way I see it is, you buy a phone on a contract with specific features. If you want more features, you buy an upgraded phone. Call me old fashioned but when I first had a cell phone, that's how it was. Now with OTA updates everyone's worried about getting something for nothing. We should be lucky to even get them. If there was a serious flaw with an OS I could see wanting to send out a fix but most of the time there isn't such a major flaw.

My first smartphone was a Palm Treo 650w that I had to reset multiple times a day. It was a known issue to the point where they sold aftermarket battery covers with a hole so you could press the reset button without having to take the batter cover off. It was fixed when I bought a new phone.
Wait, so you're complaining that the iPhone has upgrades for 3 years? Last I checked, that wasn't a bad thing...

Originally Posted by qussl3 View Post
iOS 5 runs like a turd on my 3gs.

The only reason i switched to the 4s is that here in asia it retains its resale like nothing else, will probably switch to android when the new galaxy lines launch.

Having played with the android phones for abit, iOS really isnt all that impressive.

Furthermore, Siri is gimped here, it doesnt recognize the local accents and doesnt have access to the relevant databases, i understand its a beta, but you dont market a beta the way Apple did when it simply cant deliver the advertised experience for millions of customers.

The itunes and icloud experience will be seamless and fantastic for those who,

1.Cant be bothered or have the time to work around minor technical issues.
2.Have no qualms having private data hosted by a corporate.
FYI, if you use gmail (or any other email service that isn't hosted by your own computer), you're already storing loads of private data on servers hosted by a corporate.

And I don't see why using iCloud means you "can't be bothered or have time to work around minor technical issues." What? Really? How about, it's a handy service? I love the fact that I can take a photo with my iPhone, and by the time I walk to my computer, it's sitting in my PhotoStream folder.

Originally Posted by SIMPSONATOR View Post
There aren't many 2-year contracts left.
IIRC, most companies are moving to 1-year
I don't think this is true... I haven't heard of any cell providers moving to 1 year contracts around here. Some of them offer early contract renewals to keep you with the company (6 months early for me with the release of the 4S), but I wouldn't call that a 1 year contract by default. The signed papers say two years.
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I see this fragmentation issue two ways. On one hand, I tend to think of it as a non-issue for the Android side since I'm rooted and can always slap on a ROM of the latest Android version. Then again it also shows how badly the carriers screw up the OS with their hideous bloat and long, long, painful delays. Google should've gone with an iPhone-like model like they already do with the Nexus, except for all phones, with no carrier garbage.
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