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RAM is really cheap right now, so i would say yes!

Also, look out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals
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Personally id spend the extra few dollars for 8gb. Ram is cheap now, and like anything (ie HDD's) prices can fluctuate with the global market. 1333 cl9 sticks are fine for cheap gaming with sb really, but given the opportunity id try to find some a bit faster like 1600, often you can find a set for the same price as a 1333 set.

For a budget gpu I would suggest gtx 460 or 6790 depending on prices.

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It matches the 6850 in performance but tends to go on sale a lot more and for a lot less. So to answer your question...yes, at least in your price range.

Just keep your eyes peeled on the Online Deals section, there is almost always a 460 on page 1.
Sounds good guys, I'm thinking of a pair of 2x4GB 1600 sticks right now, they should do nicely.

And still deciding on the GPU, I'll have to check out some benchmarks with some of the games he wants to play and see how they do. Being an AMD guy (at least on the GPU side ) I want to get him an AMD card, but I'm thinking that Nvidia usually has better driver support. We'll see what the benchmarks say, I'll stick to those and price.

I'm so glad my friend asked me to help me with his build, because I was starting to get upgrade fever with my sig rig being down atm (and being too busy to fix it). This will help me relieve some of that, or make me excited when he boots it up for the first time and I see how awesome Sandy Bridge is.

And we're keeping an eye out for big sales, no worries there! Thanks again!