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Re : TOXIC and TRI-Fire YES can be done ....

Re : DIRT3 and TRI-Fire, see what tsm106 explained, you'd need at least a 3rd different card w/ two CrossFireX bridges on it.

Re : DIRT3 and Un-Lock, YES it's POSSIBLE there have been several that have done it, and potentially as easily as Un-Locking the TOXIC, however the Success RATE is well BELOW that of the TOXIC cards, and also MANY DIRT3 cards are now being reported as shipping with the Antilles GPU chip in them has made the chance even lower than before which was about 33-50%, read this ... ... the last interaction between Arizonian and myself regarding the DIRT3's.

So if what your intending to do is TRI-Fire ... the TOXIC's IMO would be a safer choice that all 3 may unlock, and will connect properly w/o a 3rd bastard middle card in between
I went ahead and got 2 6970's... In my unlocking bios help thread I had explained in detail as to why I did that... tri fire maybe down the road depending on how the new series are when AMD gives us an idea of what they are planning.. I saved about 400 by not getting Nvidia cards.. even though they are 3gbs.. few more shaders etc... also have seen reports on BF2 using close to 1.3gbs per card vram... so I should be ok with the 2gb cards... Least that is my thought..