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I fairly new too the whole case modding, I have my Comptia A+, so as to the basic hardware install, I know my way around. But now I want more and I was hoping someone on the forums here could halp me out.

OK so my Case Iam wanting to Modd is an Silverstone SST-PS06B-W.
My inspiration is The Tron Movie, with the blue along the front and top. Now the case has no build in lighting besides the power & Hdd led on the front of the case. But if take a look at the picture of the case, the blue bars (one on each side, and along the top) can be removed, they just snap out and there is room to install something ie. el wire or something behind and resnap them back on the case to illuminate them. Just not sure how to go about it. Any thought?

The plastic on the removable blue bars is somewhat thick, and I tried El Tape, but the light did not penatrate the pastic, So not sure where to go form there. Also If I could get the all the blues to light up in some suquence apon start up. that would be awesome, but I figure that might entail some programing skillz. So Help would be so Great.