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Hello, i'm looking for futher information on the 7vtxe sorry for posting on an 6 year old thread but its an old board.

I'm going to use this pc with win uae and have it boot as an a500

here is the current spec

cpu: Amd 2600+ 333fsb
Board: 7vtxe via kt266 -266fsb
Bios: gigabye f9 support up to 2600+ 266 fsb
Gpu: radeon 9200se 128mb
Ram: kingston 1x 512 3200, 2x 256 3200 = 1gb
OS: Xp sp3

fsb: 158
core speed: 1817.1
agp speed: 2x, 4x was unstable
multiplyer: 11.5

Currently running 1817.1 this might be the fastest it can support however if i could boost the multiplyer slightly then 2133+ might be possible, cant change via bios & i've not found another way of doing this yet and most of the information is outdated

so far i've tried the following

Gigabyte speedstep 4
could not change multiplyer it was greyed out, fsb was moveable tho

i also had ago at doing the pencil trick (raising the multiplyer by cutting the l6 bridge on 2 old cpus with this board)

amd duron 1300mhz: limited results pencil trick worked mobile cpu l6 trick fail killed cpu

athlon 1900xp: pencil trick fail no point in continue

any futher help would be great

Thanks for your time
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