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Both of you are fanboys. Also, AMD cards traditionally do well in games with Frostbite, and Dual GPU cards don't count since the 590 is dummed down, if you want a fair "fastest card in the world" comparison, then you must do a 6990 vs MARS 2.

none - 580
6970 - 570
6950 - none
none - 560 Ti

They all have their own price and performance brackets. A 6970 DOES NOT automatically compete with a 580 since they are both companies flagship single GPU's. Who you calling fanboy now?
Actually I'm not a fanboy at all. Just giving the guy a taste of his own venom. I don't owe any of these companies anything, I'll spend my money on what best suits my personal performance needs.....I don't "root" for either party like I'm finically tied down to them, unlike some folks around here do.....who cares if a product sucks, don't buy it and move on to something's ridiculous how some people around here feel obligated to buy something from a particular company because they're the "underdog"...if nvidia releases something that isn't up to par, I'll pass on it and move on to the next one...I refuse to compromise and buy a product that doesn't perform well simply because it's from Nvidia, or AMD for that matter.