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Go for I5-2500k and a Motherboard compatible with ivy bridge
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Originally Posted by shadowman007 View Post
Am gonna be building a PC for a friend of mines. But he wants to no should he go for a 2600K or wait for the 3930K which is a 6 core cpu and expensive then the 2600K. He will mostly use this PC for gaming and a bit of video editing, encoding. Also he wants a overclock of something like 4.6GHz to 5.0Ghz the 3920 has a locked multiplier and might not overclock this far so thats why it's between the 2600K or 3930K.
They will probably have the same performance but the 3930K might have better support for hyper-threading (video encoding)

Save the money get a 2600k and then get a 560Ti and maybe wait till next year for the new gpu's and then upgrade to them or get two good cards say the 580x2 now?

Its really a mater of do you think the upgrade is worth from the 3600k to the 3930k? if he wants extreme performance go for a 980x or a Xeon cpu
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