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I think you've got enough headroom in Vcore to go higher, if there's sufficient flexibility in your BIOS.
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Im running 24/7 my 2700k @ 5Ghz with 1.415V. Maximum load temp in Prime95 is 72c on one core, rest below 70. This is with H100i and with the stock Corsair awesomesauce SP fans.
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That's great man!

i know that h100i is better than h100 but if i force that in offset mode in that level, i think i would fry mu cpu lol!

are you using offset or manual mode? whats the parameter?

what's your pll?

whats the Cstates? are on/auto?

i wanto to use flight simulator x at 4.8ghz, i dont need 5ghz (beautifull though)
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Using offset, also pll is at auto setting. C-states disabled.
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Maybe you guys can help. Recently I tried to OC my 2700 k to 5Ghz. I started at 4.9, I'm using offset mode.

When I started up Prime95 and opened CPU-Z I noticed that it was still running at 4.7Ghz. No matter where I set the multiplier (above 4.7) it still only runs at 4.7Ghz.

What's going on?
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