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quick advice PSU

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HI everyone!

Need some quick advice =P

i recently bought a Asus gtx 580 DUII which needs 2x 8-pin pci powercables. and kinda forgot to check my current psu..and turns out only got 6pin and a 6+2 pin.. but the thing us (its a modular psu) at the psu theres 2 "dedicated" openings for the GPU and they are both 8 pin.. but the cables that came with was a 8pin-> 6+2 pin and a 8pin-> 6pin.. and the question is.. can i just buy a normal 8 pin pci cable and plug that in? or do i have to come up with something else??

a print on the layout.. the 2 8 pins on the left side is marked for the GPU

its the 700w ive got.

thanx in advance
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Ok hand on one little second.

According to your pic you get one 6/8 pin and you get one 6pin pci-e cable
Or have I missed something?
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thats right i dont know if theres some limitations or something but thats the cables i got
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I think I get what your asking after re-reading the op,

to run both cards you will need to order up another pci-e 8pin cable if you ask ocz they might give you one for free, corsair do.
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are you sure.. cus ive asked on another forum and they told me to get a 2x 4pin to pci 6pin and then connect the "original" 6pin pci and the new one to a 2x6pin pci to 8pin pci and then to g-card.. anyone care to explain which one is right?
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