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On my previous machine I could play BF3 for hours on mediums with a C2D E8500, 4GB DDR2 and a 1GB Superclocked 560 GTX. No issues what so ever.

I wouldn't doubt, though, that pushing it to ultra may be the culprit of your 4GB issues. I wonder if things would have changed if you dropped it down to Medium settings when you were still at 4gb.
If I play on High or Ultra High, I eventually slow down from a perfect 60 FPS minimum to 40-50 AVERAGE. I've got 16 gigs of ram and 4 gigs of vram. Surely that's enough. There's gotta be some huge memory leak for certain setups. Just scored almost 10k in 3D Mark 11, and 11.9-11.10 (previews included) all give me the same eventual slowdown.

What gives? I sure didn't pay for my setup to play on Medium.