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The thing is that is has to be consistent in order to know if you have to lower IQ, etc. Using the same IQ settings can land you in a map and have you waiting for the count down. Then when the maps loads again it takes twice as long. Then playing the same map for the 3rd or 4th time can go back to being a quick load.

That's the problem, its very inconsistent and if you don't test at least 2 rotations of the same map you think you fixed the problem by lowering IQ settings when it had nothing to do with it.

What I suggest for some of you who are skeptical is to go to a 24/7 server and see for yourself instead of going on servers that have full rotations. There you will see what we are seeing if you have the problem.

I'm reading posts that the slow load times are the result of Battlelog. I've not got the specifics as to how that is yet though.
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