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So I just replaced the RAM and GPU in my sig rig. The RAM got switched to 2x4GB G.Skill Ripjaws X 1600MHz 8-8-8-24 1.5V and the GPU to an MSI GTX 570 TFIII.

I plugged everything back in, turned the computer on, changed the RAM stuff in the BIOS, let it load Windows and it BSOD'd before it got to the user screen (maybe after, can't remember). I tried restarting into safe mode, and could get a few seconds of use in. I eventually got enough time to install the NVIDIA drivers (before I switched everything I uninstalled the previous NVIDIA drivers). Loaded back up in Windows non-safe mode, loaded 'er up, seemed okay, but then BSOD again. I have no idea what's going on.

I keep getting hit with three different codes:

0x0000003B (most popular)
0x00000024 (second most popular)
0x00000019 (this was the first BSOD I had, but hasn't been seen since)

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: OH. The one BSOD told me to run chkdsk, so I did anyways and it came back with no errors.

EDIT 2: Installed WhoCrashed (nifty little program). Checking back on my dumps, it seems to say that the 24's and 3B's are both software-related. I recently switched from 4x2GB to 2x4GB both for the future when I leave 775 behind and because I didn't think my 790i liked the 4 sticks. Turns out it doesn't like 1600MHz memory. I underclocked the RAM to 1333MHz (what I had to have the 4x2GB running at) and it's stable now. Or at least hasn't BSOD'd.
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