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Project B.A.D Republic..An ASUS Republic Of Gamers Themed Mod [UPDATED]

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- Hey all, since I did my last mod, it didn't look too satisfying for me. Now, i would wanna mod my case to a ROG themed case
In this case mod, it might be a complete overhaul of the case exterior by means of no longer using the default outer casing, new side panel etc. and the outer casing WILL be based on the Corsair 600T but this time........with cutting electronic tools whee!!!

So, here are my plans
1. De-rivet the case ( strip it down )
2. Extend / widen up the CPU back plate hole
3. remodel the side panel
4. remove the HDD casing
5. ( maybe ) make a new outer shell for the graphics card GTX 460
6. New structure for the lower deck
7. Do some cuttings on aluminium and zinc
8. Get new fans, mesh
9. Repaint the case
10. Create a new exo-skeleton for the case
more plans to come......

Ahhh, the plan is finally finished.This is gonna be an overhaul from this.....
( Not my pic )

to something like this O.O

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Day 1 ....

Original PC, yea, already getting old. Gonna disassemble it


and FTW ??!!! the whole graphics card case broke off, this is gonna get dirty
probably can't see it clearly, poor lighting

few moments later....
everything's gone

that's all for this evening, stay tuned for more ...

here are some basic ideas and sketches......just to cheer you guys up


this is crazy...

haha, I am crazy enough to void the warranty

got bored...

my imagination of the finished look

well, this really is the end of the day, check back in a day or two for more.....work
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Please leave some opinions on my ideas so I could change it if needed

Thanks O.CModderz
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Just ordered a 1m square clear acrylic sheet, some
round modders mesh
black cable sleeves
http://www.mnpctech.com/PC_Cable_Wire_Sleeving_Kit.html from mnpctech

anyways, does anyone know if there are any rotary metal cutting extensions for my Bosch electric drill ( hand )? Any help will be very appreciated. Thanks
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Woot! its Day 2 of the project


First of all most of the case fans fan output direction seems to be to going out to everywhere but not concentrated on one direction here's an example of he Cooler Master Sickle Fan

as you can see, the intake is like normal but the output is distorted so I came up with an idea, not a brilliant one actually

I'm going to make a duct out of aluminium pieces or a wind tunnel so the output direction will be straight instead of being distorted, providing more concentration on the part I wanted

back to practical, I made a prototype with some cardboard before making the actual model
its quite dark here but the 120mm fan will be placed on the front of the case, acting as a secondary fan intake from the front drive bays

the prototype viewed from the side

when fitted onto the drive bays

besides, I also made a lower deck for the psu hub in order to hide the cables and some treats

well that's all for today, c ya and thanks for following the thread
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Concept for the paints

Mod Concept

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