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First off i want to say, Good for you trying for a custom desk. I've wondered about making one and the logistics of it.

Looked over your current design and pricing. Just to see if it was worth the while, and then work on improving it.

So first off, went to homedepot site to see what lumber was available for guesstimations.
I'd say you'd be spending about $200+ as is for your design.

quick links:
Tabletop about 80"+
Shelves about 20"-24"
x2 for x8 ~30" posts
maybe about $25-50 for those monitor stands
misc hardware... $10-15
cathodes... $20-30?
kb tray $30+ (the tray Murphy suggested, but 36" width, if you can find)

This is based on pine tops 3/4", or theres MDF (medium density fibreboard)
probably reduce the price $30-40

So what kinda budget were you thinking?
What are the major dimension of the desk do you have space for?
- Height to under table top i would say 30"
- Depth of table top, the pine on homedepot site was 20"... but i'd say around 25" ideally (Doorway width including door width? mine is 28" so <27")
- Length of desk? 80"+?

This may still just be an idea of your custom table, but i guess the design and logistics go hand in hand.

So some of my own input for your design

Monitor stands
From the looks of it, seems like these are 3 boxes with a "light strip" in them? Tron-like?Is that the feeling you're trying to give?
My suggestion takes out the lighting as is, in order to make use of more tabletop space. Instead of 3 boxes, have that same configuration but one piece of shelf with the same effect, but would take the tron look out for now. maybe more ambient light instead?

Table Top
Seems simple enough and fine, just a choice of material for best finish

-4x4 seems a little robust for a desk, but i couldn't get the 2x4 prices online so you could make L shaped corner posts, so i can't really say which is more cost effective

-Do you have a tower that you need to fit? cause it doesnt seem like theres any space for it if so
-are you absolute on "open" storage rather than "closed" storage? just a tidier appearance i would think if you could hide away stuff?

Keyboard tray
like i said 3ft or 36", thats what i have. It was a must size, cause i've used the smaller ones that dont have enough room for your mouse.

Overall design
Want to give make a picture of a desk online that gave you inspiration?
I know you said black and shiny overall, but maybe if you use pine you should show it?

Alternative Solution
Looked at Ikea, since it seems to be the go to place for cheap furniture

and then
$89 + Shipping

I know its not the custom look ... more customized.... but i thought i'd put it out there since your current design has about the same lines.
This also leaves on side open for your tower(if so)

also another way to customize would maybe to make the monitor stand yourself instead of those eyefinity mounts.

What are your thoughts?
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Here's what i was thinking for some initial and very minor adjustments to your design. Made them in AutoCAD Inventor. The tabletop is based on a 25" depth and 80" length.

Looks better in all black, but will probably suck all the light, making your room darker in appearance.

So maybe you could do something like this, whatever colour.

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