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Wrong connection of fan connector to motherboard fan header

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I accidentally connected the 3-pin connector of my Storm Force 200 to the CHA_FAN2 header of my motherboard even though the header has some sort of connection mechanism to avoid this. Apparently, with a little bit of force you could connect it the wrong way. This is what happened:

Mobo header Fan connector
GND output terminal ---> (nothing, hanging)
VDD output terminal ---> minus inputterminal
RPM input terminal ---> plus input terminal
(nothing, hanging) ---> RPM output terminal

If you can imagine it properly, the fan connector moved one pin down that's why it made this connection.

Upon booting up the PC, the fan didn't work (as expected) and I waited it to boot to Windows and immediately shut it down, popped up the case open and I noticed this wrong connection and the fan wires were hot. With that, I suspect that excessive current went through the wire, to the fan, and ultimately back to the mobo. I also smelled a burning smell. I tried connecting the fan the right way and surprisingly it worked. So what damaged did the hot wire do to my fan and if ever to any other component of the motherboard?

The only thing that is not working right now is the voltage control of CHA_FAN2 and CHA_FAN1. The CHA_FAN1 header was also damaged. Before this incident, the voltage control worked properly both in the UEFI and in Windows using ASUS AI Suite II. Now it seems that the two chassis headers only provide full +12V to the fans connected to it.

Are fan headers isolated from each other in such a way that if one is damaged by things like this accidental connection the others won't be damaged?

Also, can anyone explain why that connection caused this damage to this system? I spent hours thinking why it happened but can't find the answer. I mean the VDD and GND of the motherboard header weren't even shorted.

Can this potentially affect the PSU in any way? Because my computer is still working properly, just the two chassis fan headers are problematic.

Thanks for your help
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Ah, I did something similar. My case had no internal speaker in it so I stupidly plugged the I/O connector for one of the front USB 2.0 ports into where the speaker was supposed to go which caused it to heat up and melt the connector a bit. Apart from that port not working anymore, the mobo itself is alright and the PSU was not affected.

Damn you Antec for not assembling my case properly.
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Which heated up? The speaker header or the USB 2.0 port connector/wire?

How were you able to conclude that the PSU isn't affected? Is there some kind of a test that I can make with my DMM to check?

I learned my lesson from this, it's the side fan that's the culprit in my case.
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Anybody can help me on this?
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