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Hi I got a very annoying Problem with my Graphic Settings.

At the moment I run a GTX 570 with a SyncMaster P2350 Monitor and a LG TV with my computer. I got the monitor connected by DVI cable and the TV by HDMI.

Usually I run 1920*1080 resolution were on my tv and my monitor is the exact same picture. (dont know the english word for this, maybe cloned desktop)

When I run games or Full HD Videos I get some annoying Tearing at the upper area of my desktop and I got no idea how to solve this problem. I got VSYNC in the NVIDIA driver enabled and I found out if I unplug or disable one display than I don't have this Tearing problem. But I think this should be possible without Tearing even on both monitors.

Anyone got a clue how to solve that ?

PS I got the newest NVIDIA Driver 285,62 installed