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Originally Posted by evensen007 View Post

I love your persistence Nick! Most people would have given up a LONG time ago. Keep us posted!


Yeah, I'll definitely keep you all posted. Even if I go quiet for a while, that doesn't mean that I've given up!

I do have a question though, since I' am posting. On my normal blend (custom to 6.5 GB RAM), I'm hitting a wall between 3 and 5 hours. I have yet to have any test run over 5 hours, and most end somewhere between 3.5 and 4.5 hours. If I repeat tests, there is usually some variation, but it's on the order of 30 mins or so. However, on many different OC settings, I am able to run 1344 and 1792 custom blends (also with 6.5 GB RAM) well over 20 mins each. Once I got distracted, and when I came back to my computer the 1792 blend had been running for nearly 45 mins. However, the normal blend still 124s within 4 hours.

Is there something that I can do to fix this? Some hidden BIOS setting that I don't know about? Some magic fix? Could it be more VCore, or is it likely a VCCIO/PLL issue still? I haven't tested PLL voltages above the 1.75625V, and I still need to do VCCIO, so there is still work to do.

I'm currently using a bare-bones Windows Install (like posted above), however it has seen countless BSODs. I really don't think it's corrupted, but maybe I'm wrong?

As always, thanks for all the help!
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In my experience a 124 bsod is usually too low vcore (if your pll and vccio are at stock voltages), so I definitely wouldn't assume it's a pll or vccio problem. I'm at 4.9ghz with my ram at 1866mhz without ever touching vccio or pll (only vcore).

I have tested changing vccio and pll for the fun of it, but increasing/decreasing vccio doesn't really seem to make much of a difference unless I'm overclocking my ram to 2133 with 4 sticks. I was able to lower vccio to 0.9375 with my ram at 1866, but it didn't really help anything other than lower my temps slightly.

I've also lowered pll to 1.5875, and it still runs stable, but it didn't really help me achieve the same overclock with a lower vcore (although some people have said that it did help them).
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Alright, I finally have an update on my OC.

Today, I finally achieved a 12hour+ stability check with Prime95 at 5GHz. I'm sure I could tweak the settings to get either a slightly better OC or a lower VCore, but I'm not really in the mood for doing that again. These last four months have been incredibly busy, and unfortunately I was unable to spend the time I needed to get a stable OC. I basically could get a few runs in here or there. However, that has paid off!

I'm currently running at 5GHz with the following settings:

Vcore: 0.12 offset = 1.488V
VCCIO: 1.15V
PLL: 1.6125


The resolution is really low because I was using a 1280x1024 monitor. I didn't want to waste my good monitor doing a few hours of OCing here and there, so it was attached to my old computer. I'll post a CPU-Z verify link when I finish rearranging my desk.

EDIT: CPU-Z validation link: http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2246641
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not bad...i got my 2500k just yesterday, and already got it up to 5.2ghz last night with the vcore at about 1.55ish. water cooled, highest temp was 72c. i have it set now to 4.6ghz with 1.36vcore for normal everyday usage, but was wondering what else i could change to make maybe lower my vcore back down and still keep it stable at 5.2 or higher...only for benching though, dont need that much to play bf3 constantly lol.
my mem is running stock specs @1600@1.25v
spread spectrum off/auto oc off/turbo boost off/vroop low.
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That really depends on what stable means to you. You really need to run Prime95 for many hours (like 12+) in order to test all FFTs and actually determine that the CPU would be stable in most scenarios. If you are simply going for a quickie stability check, like 1hr Prime, then you could do with less voltage. For example, I can boot and run P95 for about 2 hr at 5.1 GHz at 1.38V. But I can't get 12+ hr stable unless I give it more voltage at a lower clock speed.

My best advice to you is to read the Sandy Stable Club thread (link in sig). Munaim is the best there is at SB OCing, so I'd recommend to look through his posts on the issue, and actually spend the time to read everything he's written about it.
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