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Oniken Beta v1.0.3B features 3 complete stages filled with enemies and action, and a score system to keep track of your best performances.
We hope that everyone can enjoy this beta version. If you have any issues while playing, please send us your feedback!

Notes about Oniken Beta v.1.0.3B:

- V-SYNC manual control in options menu (If you´re having performance issues try to disable v-sync.)
· Overall performance increased, thanks to Macbee
· There are no cutscenes between stages in this version
· The music in mission 2 will most likely be changed until the final version
· The mission Select feature will not be available in the final version
· If you're using a generic game controller, please use Layout 3 in the Input menu
· If you're using a Xbox 360 controller, please use Layout 4 in the Input menu
· Please run Software mode only if you're having any issues with the DirectX 9 mode
Download Beta Here!

Perfect entertainment for a Sunday.