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For the EC series, hold a side button with the hz you want to use and plug it into your PC. Don't let go of the side button until the wheel lights up. Use software to confirm that your polling rate has changed to the speed that you selected.

Plugging in the mouse with no buttons held = default 1000hz

Plugging in the mouse while holding the "page forward" thumb button = 500hz

Plugging in the mouse while holding the "page back" thumb button = 125hz

I would suggest trying out 500hz, it makes a huge difference over 125hz.

EDIT: It seems that you meant how it tracked at 125hz..... my bad.
xD That is still helpful though, I wasn't sure on how to change it. But yeah I was just curious at how it was at 125hz, I have one game in particular that doesn't track well above 125hz cause it's a pos, but that's besides the point lol.