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I'm this close to just buying both of them and sending back the one I don't like. tongue.gif

And I think I'll stick with a Xonar U3 for now, should be a bit better than onboard, has an amp, Dolby Headphone AND apparently it comes with an SPDIF adapter so later on I can hook that up to a proper DAC/amp for better audio while still retaining Dolby Headphone functionality for my games (I think, once again very little info on this to be found). If only the SPDIF adapter didn't gobble up the mic in, because my onboard's mic in isn't all that great. Ah well, can't have it all I guess.

I'd go for a Xonar DG but apparently it doesn't support DH over optical out. And it also apparently disables mic in if SPDIF is being used. Thanks for that ASUS, you twats.

Also, I noticed most DAC/Amps (except, say, the E10 but that one only has USB in) have two RCA outs instead of a single line out. That sucks, because my speakers need a 3.5mm stereo signal being pumped into the sub which then takes care of splitting it to L and R RCA. Is there a way to join the L and R RCA outs on a DAC/amp to a single 3.5mm stereo plug? Apparently using a splitter as a joiner will blow up my house so a simple cable is seemingly out of the question.