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Need your advice for my OC woes!

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Hi all,

New to the forums here. Not sure if this should be under CPU or motherboards (Admins please feel free to move this to the right area if this isn't it!)

So first things first I guess, the important system specs:
Win7 64-bit
CPU: Intel Q9550 - 2.8 stock, currently at ~3ghz
Memory: 8gb (4x2gb) Fatal1ty DDR2-1066
Mobo: XFX 780i SLI
Vid: eVGA 295 GTX
Power Supply: "80 plus" 750w. ~60 amps on 12v rail
Cooler Master 212+ cooler: Temps never over 58c, even under load

So first of all, I know that I already have a few things going against me. 1) the 780i memory controller isn't the board's strong point, especially with running 4 sticks and 2) The memory I have isn't all that great

Current setup info:
I've OC'd to 3ghz. Memory is running at 1022 (for some reason, ANYTHING over that will cause it to not POST - though that's irrelevant at this point). CPU voltage is 1.3v and memory voltage 2v. Everything else auto. All power-saving features disabled. The system has been rock stable at these figures for about 2 years. The FSB is set to 1440 (360).

Here's the thing, anything, and I mean ANYTHING over that FSB setting causes issues. It boots great, goes into windows, loads, but once you start moving the mouse around, it freezes. It acts this same way even up to 3.6ghz. Posts fine, loads windows fine, freezes at windows.

What I've tried:
I've tried upping the core voltage to 1.36 (slow steps at a time) - no dice
Tried upping memory voltage to 2.1v - no dice
Tried pushing the SPP and MCP voltages up a bit - no dice

It's funny that the changes don't affect squat - it always boots to windows and locks up while loading or seconds after.

I originally thought it was my memory, but the current setting I run it at (1022) is already above a 'synced' setting with the higher FSB, so it wouldn't make sense for that to be it.

PCIe is locked at 100mhz

There are a few settings I noticed "SPP -> MCP: 5x" and "SPP <- MCP: 5x" (or something like that) - not sure what that's about or if those should be decreased. Tried setting them to 4x, no dice.

At this point I'm just getting very, very frustrated. I KNOW I've got to be able to get more than 3ghz out of this thing.

So all you pro's out there, any ideas? If you need me to gather specific info about anything else, let me know! Thanks!
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i guess u are kill ur RAM by giving it 2.00v i think u need to change ur RAM now call for a some better RAMs like this lastly Welcome to OCN bro
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The ram's stock voltage is 2.0

I need input on my current setup - not interested in new hardware, thanks though!
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Nforce 780i does not scale well with intel quad series with higher FSB and plus some of the nforce board I test does not come with load line calibration and cause the vcore to drop under load, therefore giving you unstable overclock. Here is the first thing I do for your overclock. Open up cpu-z and check which stepping of Q9550 you have. If you have the newer E0, then hitting 4ghz+ shouldn't be a problem. But if you have the older C1, then you will need higher voltage to get 4ghz if you are lucky. You said you can run 3.06ghz 360x8.5 without any issues, but anything higher will get you troubles. So here is what you need to do to find out if your board or ram is the culprit.

First of all, disable spread spectum in bios and drop your CPU multiplier to 7x, keep your all your voltage to stock and change your FSB to 400mhz, ram at 800mhz to see if your system have issues booting. If you can run at 333x8.5 = 2.83ghz stock, then running 400x7 = 2.8ghz shouldn't be an issue unless your board is holding you back. In this case, increase the NB voltage by step up until you can get stable in windows. Once you get the system stabilized, try 8.5x multiplier and that should give you 3.4ghz. If you already stability 400mhz FSB, then getting to 3.4 will only need vcore adjustment. Finally if everything is stability, then you can try with 1066mhz RAM if you can, but sometimes 4 sticks on 780i doesn't scale too well. So if you can run 2 sticks at 1066mhz but not 4 sticks, then there is your problem. From what I experienced, nforce chipset has what they call FSB holes. For example, you can run 360mhz, but 361, 362, 363 and 364 fail, but 365 works no problem...
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Veerrrry interesting (that last part). Alrighty, I'll give it a whirl.

Regarding the version of my CPU, I should have posted that earlier.. it's the older C1 unfortunately.

When you reference the points at which I start upping the NB and vcore voltages, what would be your recommended limit for each? I don't want to overdue it and wind up cooking something.
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+0.1v on NB should be enough to run 400mhz FSB. But if you have to bump more than +0.1v and plan to run higher FSB with a quad core cpu, then adding a fan on the NB heat sink will be a good idea especially when you don't want to fry it. As for the CPU vcore goes, I would keep it below 1.3625v. You should not need to mess with voltage other than CPU vcore and NB if you just want to hit 3.4ghz 400x8.5.
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Ok, the 400 x 7 was a no-go. Acted like it has before - freezes just after windows loads. So, sounds like NB needs go go up.

I checked my NB (SPP) and SB (MCP) voltages. NB is at 1.4v and SB is 1.5v. That's "auto." So to confirm, I wouldn't want to go above 1.5v on NB, correct? I know "auto" sometimes guesses high, so just want to be sure what the 'max' is. Increasing by .1v can be scary since the baseline between boards can change.
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You can push voltage pass 1.5v without any issues for the NB. But if you can't get 400mhz stable with 1.5v on NB, then adding a cooling fan on top of the NB is a good idea if you decide to push pass 1.5v, like let say 1.6v. Since you have the 780i xfx board, it should come with a fan where you can mount to the NB... I believe the voltage for NB and SB is 0.05v increment, so start with 1.45v, 1.5 and then 1.55v to see if that helps.
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Ok, well tried upping NB to 1.45 then 1.5. No dice. Still acts the same... posts fine and all that, freezes soon after I enter my password at windows. Even tried it with 2 sticks of memory rather than 4. Also upped vcore to 1.35v.

Ultimately I'm not really sure what's going on. I reset everything to my 360FSB setting on got another freeze at windows (first time it has EVER done that at those settings). Gave it a restart and it has been fine since.

At this point not really sure what to do, since I can't get it stable no matter what I try. I suppose I may try strange FSB increments like you suggested, we'll see. My memory may still be the limiting factor, but don't feel like shelling out the bones to experiment. After all, the whole reason I wanted to do this in the first place was to try and get some free speed lol.
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Have you try to lower your ram 1:1 with the FSB? For example, if you run 360mhz FSB, your RAM runs at 720mhz?
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