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Need a good headset

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Hey guys. So i think its time to invest into a good gaming headset. I'm staying away from the word "gaming" headset cause i know the are way overpriced and just a gimmick. Anyway, I needed them for gaming for bf3. I have a webcam mic that works perfect but of course don't want anyone to hear the feedback and whatnot.

My Spending limit is 50$ max! 50$ is pushing it. I was going to go to walmart and pick up a cheap headset but we all know how that turns out....every 2 days going back to get a new one.

I need something that is comfortable and doesn't get hot after hours of play. I live in a apartment by myself so i don't have to worry about closed or open headsets. I think i would prefer open since i still want to know whats going on and not that im being robbed and not even know it. xD

Sennheiser HD212 was recommend from the OCN gaming headsets guide.
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The HD212 is a good choice.

Another option would be a high quality pair of earbuds, like: http://www.headphone.com/selection-g...etal-im590.php

If you can wear earbuds for extended periods of time (some can, some can't), then these will be less oppressive than a massive headset.

Around that price range I usually recommend the Beyerdynamics DT 235 (

), but those are $55, so they are outside of your price range.

The Sony MDR-XB500s ( ) aren't bad, and I consider them a pretty good value given their price.
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I really like these

cans. Sound good without an amp too. You can usually find them for about $60, so a little higher than you listed but I think you'll like these. They handle bass very well, especially for the price.
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