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SSD+Raid+Cache+ Confusing = forum

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I am very curious into what Drive set up I can achieve.

As there are many other things I want to upgrade purchasing a SSD is around 2nd to 3rd in line.

As my sig rig goes I have a z68 mobo.

Idealistically this is what I would like to achieve,
2 Caviar blues Raid 0, with 30GB SSD cache.
1 128GB SSD without the slower 30GB caching it.

Is that setup possible?, Seeing that the 30GB ssd will not be the same speed as the 128GB( Will probably go crucial) I don't want it bottle necking.

I would use the 128GB for OS boot, and the other for storage/games when I fill the 128.

The 30GB SSD would be, this or this

Thank you in advance,
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The concept of the Z68 cache drive is really only useful for a boot drive. If you use the SSD as your boot/program drive, then you have no need for a cache.

I'm not sure why you need a RAID0 setup in addition to an SSD. If it is for purposes of video editing or the like, then it would be better to add the 30 GB SSD as a cache drive within the program you are using, as opposed to through the Z68 platform.
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Ok so if I wanted cache on a certain program I can organize that software wise. And just one big SSD for boot.

Thank you,
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Not all programs support a cache drive, but for example, the Adobe Suite does require a cache location, and you could just instruct the program to use a folder on the small SSD as that cache location.
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