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Start of with I dont know where to put this thread, it was here or off topic. Mods please move if you feel fit to do so.

So I have a e1000 that i have been using for a few months. It kinda sucked at first but DDWRT fixed that and everything has been great. Today I left the computer downloading something while i was at work, I came home and it was done I jumped on the internet and it was great then it just randomly stopped working I looked at the router and all the lights were lit up except for the wireless light. I reach down unplug it and re plug it in and instead of doing its boot up thing all the same lights come on again and it just sits there. It doesn't smell burnt at all and my ambient is like 20C so i doubt it overheated. Iv already tried the reset button it does nothing. when i plug anything into it i get no activity or link lights on the other device and the router doesn't change at all.

Any ideas guys?

(no it wasn't over clocked tho i did think about it)