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Sorry to bump this old thread but 580 3gbs are decently priced these days and quad sli boards are more abundant so its now a more likely scenario for many. I searched a lot and there's very little info out there on this question. This was a thread that made me rethink my power needs for my upcoming quads.

I made the jump and after benching three cards, I'm hitting ~1200w at the wall while running stock on everything. I did get a chance to bench quad but I only did this once as made the decision to go w/ a more powerful psu. I had a Seasonic 1250w unit but I've decided to sell it for a CM 1.5kw unit. I had the option for a Silverstone but the CM has the right specs for me and the reviews were much more favorable compared to the ST1500. I really don't mind that its not fully modular since I intend to use all the cables (fixed ones).

I'm going to run Surround so I know the gpu(s) will be stressed high. I'm comfortable with a 1500w unit as I had an ST1500 for quad 480s running ~965 core w/ a oc'd lga2011 setup. I maxed out ~1750w at the wall, so I should expect somewhere 1300-1500 at the wall w/ some mild oc'ing running Surround.

I've chatted with a few 580 owners and interest in quads is out there. i guess the uber cost of owning these guys a year ago was enough for most to rule out triple, let alone quads. I did have triples a year ago and I'm happy to return to the 580 again as my sli 590s vram was a let down in Surround.

I'll take some readings once my setup is underway.
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