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Gtx465 powersupply issues

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Ok I installed a gtx465 in my old machine that had an ati 5750. The 5750 wasn't giving me any problems on my 500 watt rocketfish powersupply but now with the 465 installed computer locks up on 3d mark vantage and in games it has a wierd thing where the screen go black for just a second and the game freezes and then it comes back on and plays fine until it does it again after a few minutes more play time. I have tried reinstalling windows and I have also tried a gtx460 hawk in the computer with the same results. So does that sound like a psu issue and if so does anyone know of a good psu for about 50 bucks I could get my hands on until after Christmas.
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Yes it does sound like a PSU issue, however it should work on a 500w PSU.

I'd download furmark and run that, if that's fine then download prime 95 and run them both together. IF that crashes it's indicative of a PSU issue.

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